LUXlife Wedding Industry Awards 2022

Love Lydia Weddings & Events were recently nominated and have just won ‘Best Global Wedding Planner 2022’! We are beyond ecstatic! Winning an Award like this is truly a fantastic feeling! After a couple of unpredictable years throughout the pandemic, our team has worked harder than ever to ensure that our couples still had the […]

Appointing Love Lydia Weddings & Events as your designated Wedding or Event Planner

Planning a wedding is an incredibly personal and exciting experience and one that we thoroughly feel privileged to be involved with for each of our couples. For those just starting out on their wedding planning journey and who are considering appointing a wedding planner, we understand it is necessary, naturally, for them to understand how […]

Wedding Planning Checklist?.. Tick!

Arranging a wedding can be a seamless and exciting process if all aspects of the planning are methodically and carefully thought out! For many couples, we have found that their greatest struggle with the planning aspect is staying within budget and keeping it organised! One way to stay on top of it all is to […]

What does a Wedding Planner actually do…

What does a Wedding Planner actually do… Planning a wedding requires time and preparation to ensure all details are carefully thought out and executed correctly to deliver a special and beautiful wedding day. Having a wedding planner is a popular option as they help make sure all aspects of the wedding plans run smoothly…but what […]

Do not get us started on all the little details

Ever heard the sayings ‘the little details make the big picture’ or ‘the difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail?’ Well, this is so true when it comes to weddings and events and certainly something we, at Love Lydia Weddings and Events, pride ourselves on doing exceptionally well! Small details […]

Why have a wedding planner…

There are many reasons why having a wedding planner can be the best choice when organising your wedding. If you are someone who struggles…